JWALA, a well known Charitable Trust situated in a rented villa at the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum with an aim to “bringing together the poor and needy those living on the streets” has formed in its shape in the year 2011. Aswathy Nair, the founder member of the Trust, a part time Law College Student, who was striving to meet both ends of her life, was also serving the poor and needy from the streets those are in distress.
The Trust being lead by Aswathy, who has a further aim to build a permanent shelter with the help of the generous public.

“There is no way to understand them better. When I mingle with them, they open up and I can help them in whatever way I can,” says Aswathy Nair, has been donating food to beggars and the homeless for almost 3 years now. She never differentiates herself from others, and hence whatever is prepared at home is packed for these people too.Aswathy says it was the struggle for a square meal in her childhood that was the spark that has now grown into a flame.

The numerous accolades and awards Aswathy has received have not shaken her belief that enough is not being done for the needy, a fact that is evident from her expression when she says she distributes food only once a day. She believes that the problem should be tackled at the point of origin and she is determined to do that.
Now being the Founder of Jwala Foundation, an NGO that provides food and shelter to the displaced and elderly, she is set to build a poor home for these people. She plans of starting a home for the destitute where all inmates can have an inclusive lifestyle and keep themselves occupied at all times.

Jwala is all set to build a shelter for the street, a home for the poor. A home filled with joy, happiness and food. Jwala welcomes every person with a good heart, every person with a token of love left with him to be a part of this great initiative to build a home for the needy.
Lets put our hands together for something we can do for the society…


About Aswathy

And here is ASWATHY,  a girl of 26yrs, who may not have gone through the pages of Sutras, Vedas and Gita,  but personifies the essence and spirit of the said Daana encrypted in human heart eras ago.

Aswathy’s Mission

Aswathy, hailing from poor background got deserted by father at her very young age of 3yrs. she has befriended hunger from this very childhood. she says , to her God is Food and nothing but food, just one bowl of food.
 She wanted to avenge her helpless past by feeding the hungry, the downtrodden,  outcasted and neglected fellow human beings. She was longing for the day, where she could spare few grains to her needy neighbor.

After her graduation, aided with her science back ground at +2 level and burning desire to nurse the aching and suffering street dwellers, she could get an employment at CADILA. when her sister Revathy also joined her, their earnings were destined to feed few of the 2nd childhood generations. She understood…” give them not advice, give them not philosophy, tell them not what is life,  explain them not why is earth like this,  but look into their eyes and give them FOOD”.
She could see that empty stomach and feeding the hungry are the greatest and eternal philosophy.
Starting from 10 food packages and travelling for appx 10 to 20 kms per day on her hypothecated motor cycle KL01 AY9962,  she is now regularly feeding 60 aged, unsound, helpless men and women.

 It is her own Project. It was a simple and humble  start. Just blended with love. Love towards fellow human beings. Care for the hungry. The silent tear that roll from the empty stomach, the agony of those street dwellers, the sober requests of the inmates of Ward IX of general hospital, it is the unadulterated human cry that has hooked Aswathy’s heart.
Present Efforts

She has started this venture about three year back. Without taking a single day break she is on her venture of giving food, medical care and extending social activity. She has been getting sincere assistance from police and likeminded individuals. By this time she and her family has spent more than 1.5 lakhs.