No More Hunger

No More Hunger

Posted: 01 Aug 2016

“No more” the aim with which Jwala is functioning is still a long distance away. But we aim and hope to cover that distance with the help from genorous people like you.

We may not be able to eradicate this problem compley..but we belive that it is better to serve rather than preserve.
May 28th is celebrated as world hunger day. On this day Jwala is coming forward with a new initiative. Jwala’s new initiative to make the people from the street self sufficient starts on this day.

A man left with no dreams about future is going to be provided with a life and income by jwala. As part of this program jwala is providing lottery tickets to the selected people from the street and help them make their living. They can sell these tickts on a daily basis and jwala will monitor the program.

We have named this project BHAGYATHERUV..let the luck come hunting for the unlucky people..
Next time you go out and if u encounter with a lottery agent make sure u buy a ticket from him..because by that way u r helping the nost unlucky class of our society…